Der Bordatlas: Stellplatzführer für Wohnmobile von Reisemobil International Bordatlas WebApp: Bordatlas for your smartphone


The Bordatlas - the most comprehensive RV-site-guide - is now available as WebApp (a custom website for mobile browsers — Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad iOS 4.0+ or android smartphones version 2.2+)!

You can search RV-sites with individual filter criteria (e.g. length, price, equipment) — close to your current position? You can search via postal code for an overnight stay. Or search for a specific town or RV-site name.

The Bordatlas-WebApp is your ideal companion: Within short time an overview map opens with all available RV-sites in your area. The WebApp receives the data from on online database and an online map. You can navigate easily to your RV-site.

Please consider: This WebApp is a custom website - permanent data connection is recommended.

Features overview (runtime about 6,5 min) (german text)

Features and colors in this presentation may differ from the current version ()


  • Compatible — Use the WebApp on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Google Android Smartphone.
  • Account — Existing BORDATLAS Online users can use BORDATLAS mobile without a new subscription fee. Subscribers can use BORDATLAS with the same login information.
  • Search — Search for any location, a zip code or a parking space designation. Or select RV-sites with specific characteristics.
  • Search in the area — Find RV-sites near your current position.
  • map view — Zoom in at will, and enter filter criteria in order to find RV-sites.
  • watchlists — Put RV-sites on custom watchlists and plan your travel routes.
  • vouchers — Search for places with vouchers and profit even more (in value of over 950 €)
  • reviews — Read RV-site reviews from other BORDATLAS members or write your own review.
  • magazine — Read the lastest RV-site news written by our editorial office.
  • feedback — Tell us what you like or what we can improve with the integrated feedback-form.
  • language — Use BORDATLAS mobile in german.



The WebApp is free of charge. The extended function of BORDATLAS online are only available to registered users. You can purchase a subscription with different periods (valid from the day of purchase for the chosen duration without interruptions) to different prices.

  • BORDATLAS Online-subscription 1 month (3 Euro)
  • BORDATLAS Online-subscription 6 months (5 Euro)
  • BORDATLAS Online-subscription 12 months (10 Euro)

The subscription is valid on this website and the smartphone version.

Please consider, that the WebApp recommends a persistant data connection which can cause higher costs outside your home cell network. Please contact your provider for more information.

screenshots (Apple™ iPhone4 — iOS 4.3.3)